STR8FIT is a movement started by Francisco Flores in 2011. The Movement began with extensive 8hr workouts throughout different counties in California. Those workouts turned into dreams, dreams of being able to STR8FIT every county, city through out the world. A dream that serves as a driving force to motivate others and himself to reach infinite goals in fitness.

The name STR8FIT can mean a lot of things. It could be the desire to workout throughout the world, to come in 1st place in a big race, or to hit that one extra rep. The main ideal projected is continuity. Always continue don't stop and set your own STR8FIT goal.

STR8FIT is a journey. Most journeys have a start and a finish but this one is infinite. There is no finish line. Every run, Every Race, every workout may seem to have end, but it only marks the beginning of the next one. Begin your STR8FIT lifestyle and never stop. INFINITY starts today - STR8FIT..